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Related post: Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 21:44:31 -0700 (PDT) From: Thomas Gaige Subject: Our Family TraditionCopyrighted 2007: This story is protected under US copyright law. No part of it may be reproduced in any way without the express written consent of the author. The author grants and its mirror sites permission to post the story on their websites.DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of homosexual activities. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then - I hope you enjoy it!------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Our Family TraditionMy nephew Eric jr. was 11 when his father, my older brother Ric was deployed along with his National Guard unit to fight in Iraq. Before he left, Ric and I went out one evening and had a few beers together. It was a bittersweet evening for us. It was fun, because we hadn't had the time to get together and just talk, like we used to when we were younger. At the same time, it was sad because we knew we wouldn't be able to get together again for some time. And, of course, with all the reports of casualties in the war, there was the underlying, unspoken worry that something bad could happen, and that this could possibly be our last time being together like this.As we were leaving the pub to go home, Ric stopped me in the parking lot. His face suddenly looked strained. I could see he was pretty distressed. Without him saying what was wrong, I knew, and I felt a panic building within me. I knew in his own way, he was tiny preteens upskirts going to say goodbye to me, in case anything bad did happen to him while he was in Iraq!"Um... Jack?" he said, nervously."Yeah?" I said, wishing he would quickly change the subject."I need to ask you something," he said."OK," I said, stiffly, as I braced myself for what he might say."Um... we both know that there's a chance I might not make it back," he said, looking down at his toes."Please don't say that!" I said, as if by not voicing the concern we shared, it couldn't possibly come true. "You're coming back, and you'll be OK!""Jack!" Ric said, with new resolve. "You know there's a chance that won't be true! So I have to say this! I have to ask you a favor!"It then that he asked me to watch out for his son, both while he was away, and if something should happen and he didn't come back. With a lump in my throat, I told him he didn't have to ask, that I'd do it automatically.He looked at me with watery eyes then, and said "I know that Jack. But I'm not asking you to just keep an eye on him. I mean I want you to REALLY watch over him! Eric means everything to me Jack! I don't want anything bad to happen to him ever! And I can't trust anyone else but you with this! Jack - I want you to take my place while I'm gone... and if I don't come back... and be a 'father' to him!"Mildly surprised by the intensity of Ric's request, but innocent preteen net at the same time, feeling a warmth flowing from my heart, throughout my body, due to the apparently high regard my brother held me in, with equally as moist eyes, I told Ric I'd be honored to do that for him.I was even more surprised when smiling weakly, but with a sense of relief, Ric grabbed me and pulled me into a strong hug. Except for one event that occurred years earlier between us, my brother wasn't normally physically demonstrative when it came to expressing his love. As he held me in his arms though, not releasing me, I could feel his love flowing from him, into me. I prayed he could feel mine as well, as I clutched him strongly, pressing my face against his shoulder, hoping to force back tears I felt rising in my eyes.As we stood hugging each other, I suddenly felt something else - something I hadn't felt in 13 years. My brother's erection pressing against my crotch! Instantly my own penis responded, and within seconds, it was nestled next to Ric's pressing against his right testicle as well.I was surprised then, when Ric didn't immediately back off, and push me away. In fact, he even held me with more intensity! As we held onto each other for another few seconds, I felt Ric's cock flex. Mine responded similarly a second later. It was then that he pushed me away. For a moment, we stood looking into each other's eyes. As I looked questioningly at him, he nodded ever so slightly. Confused, I continued looking at him, but he quickly cleared his throat and changed the subject, leaving me wondering just what it was that was going through his mind. * * *All I could fathom was that Ric was recalling what was probably the last time we'd hugged each other. I was 13 at the time, and he was 18.We had company staying with us overnight one night, and one of the people staying with us was given my bed to sleep in. I had to sleep with Ric, in his bed. It didn't bother me at all. I idolized Ric. Unlike most older brothers, Ric was always nice to me, and never picked on me or beat me up. In fact, he didn't seem to mind spending time with me. If he minded that I had to share his bed that night, he didn't seem to show it.That night, as we were going to bed, Ric quickly stripped down to just his boxers, and climbed into bed. As I pulled off my jeans, I admired his taut abs, and nicely muscled chest. Then I too got into bed. I'd hoped we would stay awake and talk - like wit was a slumber party, but Ric fell asleep right away. I guess I did too.The next morning, when I woke up, Ric was asleep on his back, next to me. My eyes bulged, as I looked down and saw a huge tent under the covers where his dick was. I'd seen Ric naked before, but never with more than a semi. Ric's dick was big as it was with just a semi, but the bulge holding up the blanket indicated he was fully erect, and that in that uk nude preteens condition, he was huge! Being a normally curious 13 year-old kid, and never having seen my brother with a full-blown chubby, I gently lifted the covers and looked downward. I'd expected to see a big tent in the front of Ric's boxers, but, in the early morning light, I saw to my surprise that Ric's dick sticking out of the fly of his boxers! It was standing straight up, holding the blankets up, and it was huge! As I lifted the blankets a little further, it sprang free from the bed covers that had been holding it in place, and it slapped lightly against his belly. As it did, Ric let out a larger than normal breath of air, as if sighing with satisfaction. Apparently his cock had been laying draped over his balls before he got hard, but the blanket hadn't allowed it to spring back all the way once he was stiff, and it was probably uncomfortable. Ric's cock twitched a couple times as I held the covers aloft yet, and stared at it. It was gorgeous, and huge! It had to be at least 10" long! Without thinking, in an almost automatic reaction, I reached out and wrapped my hand around it, as I continued holding the blanket up. I couldn't believe how big it felt in my hand.A couple seconds later, Ric moaned softly, as I continued holding his penis in my hand. Frightened he'd woken up, I looked up at his face, but relaxed when I saw him still snoring. Quickly my eyes moved back to Ric's penis. I was surprised by my own dick's reaction. I was getting hard too, just from holding my brother's cock in my hand. As my own cock swelled, I couldn't help myself, and starting to masturbate Ric. Within seconds, his breathing was matching my own slow, deep breathing, and he was moaning ever so softly every so often. Rics hips began moving up and down slightly as I started pumping his dick more steadily. I didn't know how far I intended to take things, but I knew that I wasn't ready to stop molesting my sleeping brother just yet. I'd never seen another boy's hardon, and hardly ever had seen an older guy's dick at all. I was enamored with the size of my brother's genitals, which were much larger and hairier than mine, and wanted to explore them some more! So, as I continued pumping Ric's cock, I laid the blankets down, so we were both completely uncovered from the knees up, then I reached down and gently used my fingers to scoop Ric's testicles up, so home preteen nonude that I was cupping his scrotum, which at first had seemed smooth and slack, but was now beginning to shrink as the skin contracted in upon itself, tightening up."Guess you're a little curious about big guy's tools eh?" I heard Ric's voice say suddenly.I froze. I had never been so utterly mortified in my life. As my ears burned, and tears welled in my eyes, I cringed, waiting for ric's hand to slap or punch me. I was shocked when I felt him reach down with preteen tight his finger and gently brush a tear, that had slid from my eye, off my cheek."It's OK," he said. "You don't have to get upset. I know you're just curious."Stunned I sat staring at Ric's cock, which I was still clutching, and which, oddly, was still totally stiff.Ric reached down and pulled on my chin, forcing me to look at him then."I said it's OK," he said. I was surprised that he didn't look angry at all. As I looked at him though, I noticed he looked a little strange. His nostrils were flaring slightly, and he looked a little pink-faced."But - " I started to say, in a raspy voice."It's alright," he said, smiling slightly at me. "So... you like my cock and balls eh?"Shocked yet, all I could do was nod dumbly at him."Cool!" he said. Then he shocked me by reaching for my crotch. As his hand moved in to cup my still boxer-clad genitals, I automatically spread my legs, to allow him access to them.Smiling, Ric cupped my privates and squeezed them gently. Instantly, my penis, which had instantly deflated when I realized Ric was awake, began to swell up again.All the breath left my body then in a gust, as I looked at Ric in bewilderment, as he fondled me through my underwear. As he smiled at me, I felt his penis surge in my hand, and his testicles draw in slightly for a moment. I had no idea what was going on, but it was obvious Ric wasn't mad at me. In fact, he seemed just as interested in, and aroused by checking me out, as I had been in exploring him!As I looked at my older brother in astonishment, he said softly, "Would you like me to teach you about sex?"I felt my eyes open even wider. Incredulous, all I could do was nod, as my jaw hung down. In fact, when Ric smiled, and he began manipulating my penis, which by then was once again stiff, but was still inside my boxers, my jaw dropped even further.After a few seconds, Ric took his hands off me. Gently he removed my hands from him too. Then he looked seriously at me."Listen Jack," he said. "I know you're real curious about sex. I was when I was your age too. Luckily, someone offered to teach me all about it. It was a one-time offer, and no repeat performances. chinese preteen porn He wasn't gay, but cared enough about me to teach me how to be good in bed. Well... I feel the same way about you. I care about you Jack. I want you to know how to have great sex too! So... if you want me to show you how, I will. But... it's just this one time, and you have to promise never to tell anyone about this! So... do you want to do it?"My eyes must've been saucers. I had never been so surprised in my life! And all I could do was stare at Ric, wide-eyed.A minute later, Ric began to look worried, like he'd made a mistake."We don't have to do anything either," he said, looking closely at me with a nervous expression on his face."NO!" I cried, realizing that he was about to back out of the offer. "I want to!"He smiled slightly then, and said, "OK then. But Jack, can you promise me you'll never tell anyone about this?""I promise," I said, still in complete shock."OK then, let's get naked," Ric said, smiling. Quickly he pushed up off the bed and pushed his boxers down his legs, then pulled them off and threw them on the floor."Your turn," he said, smiling at me as I sat staring down at his erection again, as it stuck up out of his thick bush of pubic hair.Quickly then, before he changed his mind, I pulled off my own boxers, and threw them onto the floor next to Ric's."OK, lay down," Ric said, as soon as I was naked. "And, I'll teach you everything you need to know about sex!"As I laid back against the pillows, Ric began talking. His first sentence was something about being gentle all the time. Then, from that point on, I have no clue what he was saying, as I couldn't pay any attention to anything but what he was doing to me!Nobody had ever touched me the way Ric touched me then! In fact, I didn't know it was possible for anyone to cause another person so much pleasure, like he did to me! For several minutes, Ric made the slowest, most gentle love to my body, with just his hands and mouth! He started with a gentle kiss on the lips, then kissed his young preteen titties way softly down the side of my jaw. When he reached my ear lobe, he nibbled and sucked it gently, as my cock danced with arousal. It tickled when he tried to stab his tongue into my ear hole. He smiled when preteen loves model I giggled. He left my ear then and licked down my neck, until he reached the tiny bump of my Adam's apple. Then he licked down to my breast bone. A moment later, he went down dead center on my left nipple and began sucking on it. Using his left hand, he russian preteens gratis played with my right one. It felt weird, but good, and even exciting in a way. After a minute, Ric let go of the right one and moved his mouth to it, and sucked on it for a moment too. Shortly, he licked his way down my belly to my navel, which he licked out with his tongue, again causing me to giggle. And from there, he licked down the spot where I someday hoped to grow a treasure trail like his, to the edge of my pubic hair. Gently gripping the base of my stiff cock, he held it so it stuck straight up then, and slowly, he lowered his mouth over the tip of it, and continued pushing his mouth downward along the full length of my shaft, running his tongue sensually along my urethral tube!I was so shocked the my brother had taken my penis into his mouth, that I nearly forgot to pay attention to how great it felt!I was in complete disbelief then when Ric began to slowly administer a blow job to my dick! I didn't have time to be in shock though, because when he started to slide his mouth up and down my shaft, slowly and sensually, licking and sucking, it sent shivers of ecstatic joy up and down my spine, and all I could do was moan with delight!Gently Ric cupped my balls then, and kneaded them as he continued to blow me. After a minute, I felt his finger running up and down the lower portion of my ass crack. Uncertain of just what he was going to do, I realized he wanted me to spread my legs apart, so I drew my knees upward and outward a little. Instantly, I felt his moistened fingertip press between my cheeks, and push inward, until it was resting right against my hole! I was a little nervous about Ric's intentions, but as I looked down at the top of his head, his finger began to massage my pucker ever so slightly. The combined action of his mouth moving up and down my cock, and his fingering of my hole brought another series of pleasureful moans from my throat. Nobody had ever done anything so intimate to me, that had caused me to feel so much pleasure. I couldn't believe what was happening to me, and in particular, that it was my brother, who I idolized above everyone else, who was doing it to me!Shortly, I was disappointed when Ric slid his mouth from my penis, but a moment later, I was again shocked to feel the tip of his tongue lightly probing my rosebud. But, then, a few seconds later, I was feeling heavenly bliss, as his tongue washed up and down, over and over, my anus, and his hand, which he'd wrapped around my cock, began sliding up and down its saliva-soaked surface again.After a minute of licking my ass, I felt Ric's tongue poking and probing more roughly at the center of my ring muscle. Then, a moment later, as I waited to see what further pleasures my brother had in mind for me, I was horrified to feel his tongue sliding through my sphincter, and up inside my ass! I didn't have a clue what he thought he was doing, or why he'd do something so disgusting to me! Before I could contemplate it any further though, new shivers of joy rocketed through me, as he suddenly began fucking my hole with his tongue, as he worked on my cock and balls again with his hands. I knew then why Ric was doing what he was doing to me, and not only did I feel extreme sexual pleasure, but I also felt awed by the fact that my brother obviously loved me so much that he'd chance eating some of my shit to give me the ultimate pleasure I was experiencing! As I panted and writhed with pleasure, tears of joy welled in my eyes for the new understanding I had of nudepreteen models my brother's feelings for me!After about a minute, I began to feel my orgasm building up, and my body tensed up. I began breathing more deeply. Ric sensed the change in my responses to to what he was preteen models feet doing, and although I was disappointed when he removed his tongue from me, I felt even more pleasure when he swiftly moved his mouth back to my cock, and started sucking softly, but swiftly up and down it. A moment later, I felt even more delight as he slid a finger through my anus and began probing around inside my rectum. After a second, his finger found what I now know is my prostate, and he began gently massaging it, preteen angel pictures as he sucked my cock.Within seconds, I lost all conscious thought as the pleasureful pressure I felt building inside me, reached its crescendo. I held back as long as I could, gasping to Ric that I was about to blow my wad. I couldn't believe he was still sucking on me. I needed him to pull off, so I could cum without jizzing in his mouth!!!!"Ric!" I gasped, and I grasped his hair in my hand and tried to pull him off me.He kept on sucking on me though and reached up with the hand he'd been fondling my balls with, and pulled my hand from his hair. As he cupped my balls again and started kneading them some more, I went over the edge. preteen thong modesl My body tensed, and suddenly gasping loudly, I exploded, blowing what felt like a HUGE river of jism into my brother's mouth, as he continued sucking on my cock, and rubbing my walnut. I was shocked when Ric just swallowed my juice.I didn't have time to contemplate why he would do that, because a second later, another orgasmic wave of pleasure washed over me, and again I blew another load of cum against the back of Ric's throat. Again, he swallowed it!Ric continued sucking my cock, rubbing my prostate, and fondling my testicles for several more seconds, until finally my orgasm ended, and totally spent, and gasping for air, I pushed him off me, crying hoarsely, "Enough!"Ric pulled off and out of me then and breathing heavily, crawled up and lay down next to me and looked at me and smiled, as he licked his lips dry, while I lay next to him, panting heavily, completely flabbergasted at the intensity of the pleasure of the best orgasm I'd ever felt, and in complete awe and utter confusion over the fact erotic preteen bra that it was my brother who'd given it to me!We lay next to each other for a couple of minutes, each recovering our breath, as he just grinned at me, and I stared in disbelief at him about what we'd just done.Eventually, he grinned wider and said, "So, was it good for you?"I stared incredulously at him, and said, "Fuck yeah! That was the best cum I ever had!"Ric's grin broadened, and he chuckled and said, "I'm glad!""But - " I started to say, my confusion over why he would do all the things he did to me."Hush!" he said, smiling and touching his fingers to his lips. "It's OK. I know you're confused. I was too when it happened to me the first time. Trust me. This is supposed to be one of the best sexual experiences of your life! I know you're wondering why I'm willing to have sex with you - cause I'm not gay. And you're wondering if you're wrong, and maybe I am gay. You're not wrong. I'm not gay Jack! OK - maybe I'm a little bi - but I'm not gay. I can't explain it fully, and you won't understand til you're older, but the point is, I care about you a lot... more than you can imagine, and I know how great it can be for your first sexual experience to be as fantastic as possible. I want you to experience it that way, and unless you're with someone who knows how it's supposed to go - that won't happen for you! So... I'm willing to do a few things for you that I wouldn't do for anyone else! Because you're my brother, and I love you!"Ric was looking seriously at me, but with a small warm smile. As I tried to comprehend his words. As I did, I felt my eyes watering. I'd had no idea how much Ric cared about me, and I couldn't believe he did as much as he did. I then realized just how much I cared for him too, and suddenly, I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he'd just given me!Nearly breaking into tears, I looked at Ric and said, "I love you too Ric! And I wanta do for you, what you did to me, so you feel just as good too!"Ric's smile broadened, and I could see his eyes were glistening too."I mean it! I want to suck you off, and do your ass too!" I said."You sure about that?" he asked, still smiling, but looking a little surprised."Uh huh!" I said, smiling, and nodding emphatically. I felt myself blushing a little then as I added, "And I wanta drink your jizz too!"I noticed Ric's face redden a little then, but I saw his cock flex too. I also noticed that the tip of it was wet. I reached for it then, and began fondling it."OK, OK," Ric said, smiling. "Slow down son! If you really wanta try, I'll let you, but... you gotta go slow and easy. That's the key - no rough stuff! And don't let your teeth scrape me! And Jack! If there's anything you don't wanta do - you stop - OK? Cause I don't want you doing something you don't wanta do!""OK," I said, smiling with anticipation.With that, Ric laid back into the pillows, and spread his legs apart a little. Quickly I got on my knees between his legs, and leaned down toward his dick. As my face got closer to him, I could smell his masculine scent. His crotch smelled so good my dick began to twitch again. As I grasped the base of my brother's dick, and looked at it I suddenly realized, there was no way I could get all of it in my mouth, like Ric had done with my 6".He must've read my mind, because he smiled down at me and said, "Just take what you can, and use your hand on the rest!"Smiling, I bent forward. His piss slit was wet with a drop of clear fluid. Tentatively I stuck out my tongue and licked it. Just that action, sent a shudder of joy through Ric. I was surprised by the taste of his pre-cum. It tasted rather tangy, as well as a little salty, but also a bit sweet. I'd licked a couple drops of my own before, but I didn't think it tasted as nice as Ric's did. I smiled, realizing I liked my brother's flavor! Ric smiled down at me, as he saw me smile.A moment later, Ric gasped, as I lowered my mouth over his cock, sucking in the top half of it, down to about his ring-meat. then, I wrapped my hand around the bottom half of his rod, and started pumping on it as I sucked on the top of it. Within seconds, Ric was moaning happily softly.I sucked on Ric for a while, and fondled his balls. Finally, though, I decided to check out his ass. Uncertainly, I poked his crack, just behind where his nutsac fell against it.Ric looked down and said, "You really don't have to do that bro!""I want to!" I said, not fully convinced I'd like it, but rather curious about Ric's ass, and also wanting to repay him for how good he'd made me feel."OK, but stop anytime you want," he said, as he drew his knees up and back.I was surprised at how hairy the insides of Ric's ass cheeks were. His puffy-looking, pink pucker was hairless of course though. I leaned in and sniffed, and was surprised to find that Ric's ass smelled clean, almost like soap. Then happily, I remembered he'd showered before bed.Uncertainly, I reached out with my finger and euro preteen girls felt Ric's anus. It quickly contracted, then slowly relaxed again. Smiling, I leaned in and tentatively stuck my tongue out and lightly licked at it. I was glad to find it had no taste.Smiling some more, I began licking at Ric's rose bud then, and reached for his cock again."Oh God!" Ric groaned, then he began moaning softly with pleasure.After a few seconds, I started poking at Ric's muscle with my tongue. I continued pressing harder and harder, til suddenly, Ric gasped, as my tongue pushed into him. I felt his hole clamp my tongue a couple of times, before it relaxed. I was surprised to find no disgusting flavor, and no shit inside him. It wasn't as disgusting as I'd thought it would be. Remembering how great Ric had made me feel, and wanting to reciprocate, I then began sliding my tongue in and out of him, as I masturbated him and fondled his balls with my hands. Within seconds, Ric was twitching and gasping.After a few more seconds, I sensed that Ric was getting more excited, and my tongue was getting a cramp in it. So, I switched back to sucking his cock, and using some spit, moistened my finger, and slid it easily up inside Ric's ass! I felt around a little, and when he let out a moan of pleasure as my finger passed over a small lump, I realized this must be the spot he'd been rubbing inside me, and I concentrated on it.Shortly, I could tell Ric was really getting into it, and I began sucking a bit faster and harder, and moving my finger back and forth over his prostate a bit faster. Almost instantly, Ric began preteen vagina nudist writhing and gasping."I'm gonna shoot Jack!" he cried softly. I felt his body tensing up, and continued working on him, speeding up my pace just a bit."Jack!" he cried, concerned I might not have heard him. I just continued sucking on him, like he'd done for me.A second later, Ric's body tensed up, and he cried out softly. Then I felt his asshole clamp tightly around my finger, and a blast of warm thick liquid hit the back of my preteen toes pics throat. Instantly, my mouth filled with a tangy, somewhat salty flavor. Ric's load was so copius I nearly gagged. Quickly though I swallowed, as I continued sucking and fingering him."Ooooohhhh!!!" he groaned a second later, as he clamped my finger and flooded my mouth again with his jism."MMmmmmmmm...." he moaned as I countinued pleasuring him, and he filled my mouth a third time. Again I quickly swallowed.I kept working on Ric, until his orgasm ended, and gently he pushed me off."Fuck bro! You're good!" he growled, smiling broadly at me, his eyes glistening."So, you liked it?" I asked, just to make sure, as I crawled up next to him."Oh yeah!" Ric grinned. Then he reached over and drew me toward him, and kissed me on the lips.I wasn't sure what to do when Ric didn't let go of me, but continued kissing my mouth, until I felt his tongue pressing at the crack between my lips. I opened my mouth then, and was surprised when he pushed his whole tongue in my mouth. I felt it exploring my mouth for a minute. Then, because our mouths were pressed together, we both began breathing heavily through our noses, as he kissed me deeply. I responded as best I could. As we kissed, I felt my cock throbbing with excitement!Eventually Ric pulled away. When he did, and saw me looking at him in surprise, he chuckled and said, "and now you know how to kiss too! And you're pretty good at it too!"I couldn't help smiling then. Nor could I help wishing Ric would kiss me again, or suck my cock, or anything!"gimme a minute to catch my breath, then there's one more thing you should learn about," he said.My cock flexed violently when he said that, and I just grinned at him.We laid together for a few minutes, then Ric finally said, "OK, now if you want, I'll teach you to fuck!"As I grinned in reply, my cock flexed three times in rapid succession as I felt my heart beginning to race at the thought of what was to preteen disney modles come. sexy preteen list * * *"Now, if you wanta stop at any time, just say so, and we will," Ric said, as he pulled a tube of some kind of cream from a drawer in the stand next to his bed."OK," I said."OK," Ric said, then he rolled over my leg and onto his knees. Then, as he lifted my legs and pushed them up and out, fully exposing my asshole, he added, "I think you're gonna like this!"I grinned, then moaned a moment later, as he leaned down and began eating my asshole out again!Ric spent a minute or so, licking over and over my asshole, nearly driving me crazy, before he stopped and began pressing his tongue into me again. Knowing what to expect, I remained relaxed, and his tonged slid right through my muscle, and soon he was tongue fucking me again, only this time, even more deeply than before. I couldn't believe how good it felt!All too soon, Ric stopped and pulled back. As he grinned at me with a wet mouth, he picked up the tube he'd taken from his drawer and opened it. Then he squeezed some clear gel onto his finger, and I realized it was lubricant.When he touched my hole with the lube, it felt cold for a couple of seconds, but I didn't have time to wish he'd warmed it up somehow. I let out a gasp as he instantly slid his index finger through the glob of lube he'd wiped on my hole, and through my anus, shoving it swiftly, but gently as far up inside me as he could."Awwwww!!!" I groaned, as he began sliding his finger completely in and out of me.Ric slid his finger little girl preteen in and out of me for about a minute. Then, he stopped tinymodel princess preteen and gently began pressing not one, but two fingers into me. At first, it seemed to go alright, as he kept his fingertips near my opening. After a few seconds though he began pushing them further and further into me, until after a minute, he was sliding both of them in and out of me. After a minute or so of that, I was used to it as well.When Ric tried to push a third finger into me though, it hurt. When he saw me cringing in pain, he stopped and told me that I wasn't relaxed enough. He showed me the size of his fingers together and pointed out that my shit is usually fatter than them, so his fingers should fit! That made logical sense, but I was still dubious. Anyway - he told me that I had to relax, and even push like I was trying to force a piece of shit out of me, and that they'd slide through much better. I tried that as he went back to work on me, and it helped a little. He kept at it, gently working on my opening, until after a minute, much to my disbelief, he was fucking me with three fingers!"How about we try the real thing now?" he asked a moment later, as he left all three fingers shoved deep inside me."What?" I asked."How about I try my cock now?" he asked, smiling.My eyes must've opened widely in horror at the thought of taking that monster of a snake of his up my ass, because he grinned and said, "it's actually thinner than my fingers!"I thought about that a minute, and realized he was right about that part, but his cock was a lot longer than his fingers!"Yeah, but, it's a lot longer than them!" I said."So's a piece of shit!" he said, chuckling. "It's not the length, but the girth that's the problem.""Oh," I said, a little dubiously."We don't have to do it if you don't want!" he said."No! I want to!" I cried.Even though I was scared it might hurt, I wanted to feel what it was like to have Ric inside me. And I knew he wanted to put his cock in me. I knew if he did, it would be yet another thing that brought us closer together!Grinning, he said "OK then," and pulled his fingers from my ass, and grabbed the tube of lube. A moment later, he was pressing the liberally lubed head of his cock against my already partially open hole."Push again," Ric reminded me.I pushed, and within a nude preteen naturist couple seconds, I felt myself being split open in a way I'd never felt before. Then, suddenly, my brother's cock was sliding into my rectum! It hurt a little as he continued entering me. My eyes must've shown my pain, because he stopped, and held his position."OK, Relax and push while I'm pushing," Ric said, a minute later.I started pushing again, and so did Ric. A second later, I felt his pubic hair tickling my ass, and smiled as he relaxed and settled gallery preteen young up against my ass, with his entire tool stuffed deep inside me."You OK?" he asked, looking at me with concern."Yeah, just wait a minute again," I said."Sure thing," He said, smiling.Ric waited a minute for me to get used to having him inside me, then finally, he slowly began to slide back out of me. Then, when he was almost all the way out, he slowly pushed back in. Slowly he went, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, until eventually I was used to being impaled by his thick rod, and he was fucking me at a steady pace.Once I was used to having Ric inside me, and he had fallen into a slow steady rhythm, I began to feel some pleasure. I could tell from Ric's expression that he was enjoying shoving himself in and out of my hot, slick hole as well.As I began enjoying the feeling of being fucked, I couldn't help wanting more and more of Ric's dick."Do it faster... and a little harder!" I gasped finally.Ric looked a little surprised, but accommodated my request, and a couple seconds later, I couldn't believe how awesome it felt.I didn't have to ask Ric to go faster or harder after that. He just somehow knew when I needed him to pump faster or harder, and did!Suddenly, I felt my orgasm starting. Ric must've realized this too, as he began fucking me harder still. Then again, from the look on his face, it looked as if he was going to cum too!A few more strokes, and I peaked. Just as I was about to blow my load, Ric's face contorted, and he groaned, and I felt candid photos preteen warmth spreading through my insides, as he sprayed the walls of my bowels with his semen.A second later, without touching my cock, my own orgasm began. Suddenly, gasping, I exploded, and sprayed Ric's and my bellies with dots and dashes of my own jism.Ric came again, moaning and filling my hole again, which was starting to feel a little sloshy.I blew more jizz all over the two of us, moaning with pleasure as well.Ric continued fucking me, and the two of us kept on cumming, until eventually, we were both spent. Then, leaving himself stuffed up my ass, Ric collapsed on top of me. His mouth again found mine, and again, with my cum causing our stomachs to slip about a bit, we kissed, as the remnant spasms of our mutual orgasm waned."Fuck you're good!" Ric exclaimed, as he pulled his mouth from mine again.All I could preteens nonude galleries do was grin."How about a shower? Then, you can fuck me!" Ric said."Really?" I cried. Instantly, I felt my cock begin sizzling again at the idea of fucking my brother!"Yeah, but be quiet about it, people are sleeping yet!" Ric said, as he pushed his hips up, pulling his, by then soft, cock out of my hole."OK," I said. But then I felt warm liquid trickling out my ass."Ric!" I cried. "Is my asshole bleeding?"Concerned, Ric pedo preteen thumbs bent and looked at my hole. Then he smiled and said, "Naw, it's just my cum leakin' outta you! Best get you to the toilet right away!"Relieved, I smiled.Still smiling, Ric ripped a few Kleenex from the box next to his bed and wadded them up, then reached down and pressed them into my hole."There! Now you can get up and slip your jeans on and and we can head for the bathroom," he said.As I got up and pulled my jeans on, Ric grabbed some more kleenex and wrapped it around his dick, which was still glistening with lube and his cum. Then he too nice preteen modeling pulled on his jeans. I noticed he also grabbed his tube of lube and stuffed it in his pocket. I was curious why, but didn't get to ask, as together then we crept out of his room and ran next door to the bathroom, where we locked ourselves in together. * * *We both stripped, then as Ric peeled the Kleenex off his cock, I pulled the Kleenex plug he'd made from my ass, and sat down on the toilet. As I peed, I felt warm liquid beginning to trickle out my asshole again. It felt kinda strange. For a couple minutes after I finished peeing, I sat there, and let the remnants of Ric's jism leak out my hole. When it finally stopped, I wiped myself and got up. I was happy to see for myself that the toilet paper wasn't red with blood, as my sweet preteens clips hole felt a little raw after so much use!"All set to shower now?" Ric asked. He'd been standing there watching me the whole time."Yeah, but why didn't you shower while you waited?" I asked."Cause we're gonna shower together!" he said, grinning.My dick began to climb to attention then, as I imagined how it would feel if Ric washed me, and I washed him."Cool!" I said, noticing that his cock was stiff already as well.We climbed into the shower together then, and Ric spent a minute adjusting the water to the right temperature, then, he wet me down and took some shampoo and a bar of soap and lathered me up all over, spending extra time gently washing my genitals and ass. When I was rinsed, I asked if I could do him, and he just grinned and handed me the soap.I washed Ric as well as he'd washed me then, and nearly gave him another orgasm in the process, but he stopped me before he got off.When he was rinsed he said, "OK, how about you fuck me now?""OK," I said, and I started to pull the shower curtain back, to get out and dry off so we could go back to his room."No no no, here!" Ric said."Really?" I asked, surprised."Sure!" Ric said. With that he reached for a shelf outside the shower curtain and pulled his tube of lube into the shower, and handed it to me. Then he braced his hands on the shower wall and squatted down slightly, bending his knees, so his ass was at the height of my pelvis. This also opened his cheeks slightly.Grinning, I opened the lube, and squirted some onto a finger and then reached for Ric's swollen, tight pucker. He moaned softly as I rubbed some lube on it, then started massaging it."Go ahead and stick a finger in already," he said.Smiling, I pressed lightly on his anus, and my finger slid right in. I finger-fucked him for a minute, then slowly pushed a second finger into him as well. After fucking him with both fingers for a while, I added a third, like he'd done to me. He gasped and then moaned slightly, but was able to take it."Go ahead and grease up, then give it to me!" Ric said in a husky voice then.I squirted a liberal amount of lube into my hand and slathered it all over my hard cock, then stepped into place behind my brother, and held the tip of my cock against his already slippery hole. Gently I pushed forward. As I did, I felt him pushing too, and in one quick movement, my cock slid all the way up inside Ric's ass! He cringed slightly, but then relaxed.I waited a minute, like he'd done for me, enjoying the feeling of having my cock fully enveloped in a warm, soft, slipperly hole."Go ahead now," Ric said finally.Grinning, I began to pull back out of Ric. I kept going until I thought I was going to pop back out of him, then I pushed back into him. The feeling of my cock sliding into my brother's hot body is one I'll never forget. It's one of the nicest feelings I've ever experienced."Get fucking me now!" Ric said, sounding a little urgent, and breaking into my thoughts.Grinning, I began to slowly and steadily fuck in and out of my brother's asshole. As I did, he grimmaced a couple times, but soon began moaning passionately. I closed my eyes for a minute as I bucked my hips back and forth, sliding my manhood in and out of Ric's hot cavern. All too soon, I felt my orgasm forming. Ric's must've started too, as his hips began to push back and forth a little too. I sped up my pace, and Ric gasped and moaned happily.A few seconds later, I was pounding my meat in and out of Ric, and I knew both of us were nearing our climaxes.I sped up again, and within a few strokes, Ric was whimpering and I could tell he was fighting to hold off cumming as long as he could. This excited me even more."AAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!" Ric gasped a moment later, and I felt his sphincter close around my cock, then saw a huge rope of cum shoot from the tip of his cock and streak the tiled shower wall.The start of Ric's orgasm sent me over the edge, and before his second spasm began, my first one did. I too gasped, and exploded, shooting a glob of cum deep into Ric's intestines."Mmmmmoooooohhhh!!!!" Ric groaned, as again his hole squeezed my cock, and he sprayed the wall with more jism."ooooooo" I groaned, as I flooded his hole again.I continued fucking Ric, and the two of us continued cumming and cumming, over and over, until we'd each blown exploded several times in ecstasy.Finally, when I'd finished, Ric, whose legs were trembling, immediately stood up, pulling himself off my cock.I was disappointed he'd pulled off so soon, but he apologized, explaining that his leg muscles were giving out, and he thought he was going to fall. He reached for me then and hugged me, and I felt his softening cock pressing into the lower part of my belly."I love you Jack!" he said, looking down at me.I expected another kiss, but he just smiled at me instead."I love you too Ric," I said.Gently then Ric washed me again, and when he was finished, he let me wash him as well. We dried off then, and wearing our towels, went back to his room and dressed. * * *That night, Ric and I had to sleep together again. I was all keyed up with anticipation of a sex-filled night with Ric.When we crawled into bed and I asked him what he wanted to do, I couldn't believe it when he looked at me and said "Jack, I love you more than anyone in the world right now, and it's because I love you so much, that I need you to try and understand what I'm going to tell you.... what happened this morning was just a one-time thing, like I told you it would be. It's not going to happen again."My face must've fallen to the floor, because Ric smiled sadly and leaned over and kissed me on the forehead."I taught you what you needed to know. And I was your first experience, so I know that you were with someone who loved you and tried to make it the best time ever for you. Now, we have to go our separate ways... just sexually - I mean we can still be brothers and have great times together, but we can't be together like we were anymore. You need to find your own way in the world, now that you know how things are, and I still need to find my way too!" he said."But - " I said, feeling a lump form in my throat, as the one in my crotch softened.Ric cupped the side of my head in his hand then and asked "Was that the best sex you ever had?""Well, yeah! That's why -" I started to say, but he cut me off."Well, it'll never be better for us, even if we try forever. That first time was magical, and it brought us so close to one another. And you learned a lot from it too! So can't you see that it has to be just a one time thing?" he said.I couldn't stop a sob from rising underage preteen suck in my throat and a tear from breaking from my eye. Ric smiled sadly when he saw it."I-I don't get it? Wasn't it good for you too?" I asked."Yeah," Ric said, still smiling. "It was great for me too! The point is, it'll never be better - so we shouldn't ruin one of the best moments we'll ever have together! That's how it was explained to me, when I learned about sex!"I stopped suddenly as I recalled how Ric had said he'd learned the same way I had."Who taught you anyway?" I asked, temporarily forgetting my grief over having apparently lost a fantastic sexual relationship, that I didn't really ever have."Sorry, but I can't tell you," Ric said. "It's part of the agreement I made with him, just like the one I made with you. What's between me and him stays between us. And what's between you and me stays between just us! Understand?""Yeah," I said, sniffing dejectedly."I promise, this is really for the best!" Ric said. "You just have to trust me. Because of what we shared this morning, you and I will always be closer to each other, than to pretty much any other people on Earth!"Ric reached over and tossled my hair then, then turned and turned out the light. Sighing contentedly, he drifted quickly off to sleep, leaving me lying awake, to lonesomely mourn my loss. * * *As the days, weeks, and months went by after Ric introduced me to the wonderful world of sex, I had to admit, that our relationship did seem stronger than ever, and it continued to grow stronger all the time. He spent time with me, doing things we both liked to do, and helped me with school work. And as we both grew, we talked about sex yet - alot! The sex we talked about was sex in general though, or sex with girls. Oddly, Ric never mentioned our one time sex-fest ever again, and because he didn't, I didn't either. It was like, if we did, it might ruin things. Still, whenever I looked at Ric, it was always in the back of my mind, and I knew it was there in the back of his mind too. One of us would give the other a knowing look, and the other would return a wink or a smile. So, in the end, our experience was always there with us, even though we never spoke again of it. And it really did bring us closer together, closer than we ever could've gotten without having done it. And even though we never spoke of it, because of the shared experience, we had a secret bond, and were always able preteen bbs funny to talk to each other about everything, and anything, and no matter what! * * *And so on the night Ric hugged me outside the bar, before he was to to off to Iraq, and I felt his erection pressing into me, after we parted, I just kept looking at him. Even though he tried to change the subject, there was a knowing, somewhat pained-look in his eyes."Why can't you just say what's on your mind?" I asked finally.Ric remained silent, but gave me a suddenly distraught and pleading look."What's up with the lump?" I persisted.Ric's face contorted slightly, and I could tell he really didn't want to discuss whatever it was he was feeling.I was surprised though, when with watery eyes, he said, "Back when you were just a kid, and I ... well... when I taught you about - you know... I know you were hurt when it didn't happen again, and I'm sorry that I wasn't a little more nurturing about it. I mean, I kinda turned my back on you that night in bed, and left you to feel sorry for yourself, and well... I never really did anything to try and make it up to you. So, I've felt guilty about it ever since. I hope you don't think I didn't care, because I did, but it's just that the tradition's always been - you can just do it once, and I didn't know how to url preteenpreteen keep it from happening again, other than putting up a wall between us about it. Anyway, I'm sorry if I hurt you then."I stared at Ric in complete surprise for a moment before saying, "You've been feeling this way all that time?"Looking somewhat incest preteens porn miserable, and embarrassed as well, Ric looked at me, nodded slightly, then looked down at the ground."So - you think if you hadn't been tough about it, we might've done it again?" I asked.Again, Ric nodded."So - you were into it a lot more than you let on?" I asked.Ric looked up finally, and nodded again.I stared at him dumbfounded for a moment, but then, thinking about how ardently he'd given himself to me that day, I realized, he really was into it more than I'd realized, and that my impression of his desires were based only on what he'd said later, when he kept us from doing it again."What I don't get is, if you liked it so much, WHY didn't you let it happen again?" I said."Well... I did it in the same way it happened with me, and at the time, I was told the same thing," he said."Ric, WHO was it that taught you?" I asked."You know I'm not supposed to say!" Ric said."I know, but I'm older now - can't you trust me to not tell?" I persisted.Ric looked at me, his eyes moving back and forth as if he was reading a book.Finally he said, "Uncle Alan.""Uncle Alan?" I cried. "Christ Ric, he's almost 20 years 14yo preteens models older than you!""I know!" Ric said. "But he was following the tradition!""WHAT TRADITION IS IT THAT YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT? ALL YOU KNOW IS WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!" I cried, frustrated.Sighing heavily, Ric said, "Well, Uncle Alan said that there's always been this tradition in our family - for the men - that an older man always initiates the younger men... well... adolescent boys I guess, about the pleasures and techniques of good sex.""So, you and Uncle Alan did what you and me did?" I asked.His ears reddening, Ric nodded."Was it as good for you then, as it was when you did it with me?" I asked, curious."It was fantastic!" Ric said. "But... and you can't ever tell anyone this - especially not Kathleen - the best sex I ever had was with you!"My eyes instantly widened, as I looked at Ric, dumbfounded."Really?" I asked, finally.Pink-faced, he looked at me and nodded.Then in a strange voice, he said, "The way Alan put it to me later on was that, my time with him was supposed to be the best up to that point. A guy's first time is supposed to be his best... but, he also said that when it's your turn to be the teacher, and you're the older guy who cares about the boy you're teaching, that helping the boy experience his first time is even better, because you can share in the boy's joy too, because you remember how it felt for you! I guess he was right, cause I really liked giving you your first experience! And Alan told me that it was better with me than when Dad-"Ric stopped abruptly and a haunted look filled his eyes, as he blushed profusely."Wait a minute!" I cried. "Dad taught Uncle Alan - like you did me?"Looking stricken, but guilty, Ric finally nodded."PLEASE! You can't tell anyone I told you!" he pleaded."No problem," I said, still shocked by this newest revelation."So - who do you think taught Dad?" I asked, before Ric could say anything else."Uncle Ralph!" Ric said, without hesitating. "Alan slipped and told me.""Wow!" I said, recalling the one time I'd met our strapping, albeit bald, uncle, during a visit he'd made to the US. He was our dad's older brother, and he was an ambulance driver, who had moved to Australia before we were born. "Wonder who taught him!""I dunno," Ric said. "All I know is it's supposed to be a family tradition that all the boys in the family are taught to be great lovers by an older male relative who they're close to.""Well..., it seems to go brother to brother, but how come it went uncle to nephew for you?" I said. "I didn't think you and Uncle Alan were that close really!""I didn't have an older brother, and father/son isn't allowed. I mean it was hard enough just listening to Dad telling me about the birds and the bees. There's no way I could've done with him, what I did with Uncle Alan!" Ric said, giving a slight shudder at the end. Quickly though, his expression changed, and he looked at me strangely, and added, "Besides, Uncle Alan and I were really closer than you realized... we were a lot like you and Eric are actually.""I guess that's-" I started to reply. Suddenly though the full impact of what Ric had just said, coupled with the strange way he was staring at me sank in."WAIT A MINUTE!" I cried, staring at him with huge eyes, and my mouth hanging open.Ric's expression softened a little, and smiling nervously, he nodded slightly. "I know it's a little early yet for him, but I might not get a chance to say it, so I have to illegal preteen pedo say something now. It's our family tradition Jack! And I can't think of anyone I'd rather have it be for him.... just... please be careful of his emotions, and... I don't want to know anything about it afterward!"My mind was suddenly swirling with mixed emotions. I couldn't believe that my brother had just told me, although not in so many words, that he expected and wanted me to be his son's 'teacher', in the same way he'd been mine 13 years earlier. I was to carry on the 'Family Tradition' with his son!As I stared at Ric, dumbfounded, still smiling a little, he said, "It's your turn to be the 'teacher' now! I hope you have as much pleasure with Eric, as I did with you!"Then, he leaned toward me and kissed me on the forehead.As he broke away from me again, he turned and headed for the car."C'mon - let's get going, maybe we preteen cameltoe org can catch the end of the Cowboy's game!" he called, as I stared after him, still dumbfounded. * sex preteens young * *Ric left for Iraq a few days later. As we stood together at the airport, saying a final good-bye, with the rest of the family standing around us, he looked me in the eye, and said softly, so nobody else could hear him, "Don't forget what we talked about the other night before we left the pub!"We hadn't talked about it since then, and I so wanted to talk some more with Ric about what he'd asked me to do, but there were others around and I couldn't. I was filled with trepidation over the task he'd asked me to perform. It wasn't that I didn't care about Eric! I loved my nephew as if he was my own son! It was the worry that maybe carrying on the 'Family Tradition' wasn't the right thing to do! At the same time though, I felt an even stronger bond to, and love for Ric, who obviously cared so much for me that he'd trust me to rear his son - in every way, in his absence.Since we weren't alone though, there was nothing I could do but nod slightly. Then, my brother took me in his arms again, and held me tightly. Again, I felt his firm manhood pressing against mine. Mine stiffened and responded likewise. As we parted, both of us were fighting back tears, and I hoped everyone would stay focused on that, and not look down at our crotches.Ric knelt down on one knee then and pulled his son, who was on the short side, into his arms and hugged him tightly. Eric held onto his dad tightly as well, and listened as Ric told him how proud he was to have him as his son, and that he loved him very much - more than anyone in the world, except maybe his mother - Kathleen. I also heard Ric tell him that he should come to me with any problems he had, and that I'd help him out. Ric released Eric then, preteen nude family and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then stood fully upright to say good-bye to Kathleen. Eric sidled over to me then. As he watched his parents kissing good-bye, tears welled in his eyes, and he leaned back against me. Smiling sadly down at him, I wrapped my arms protectively around him, and he brought his hands up and held onto mine, which were crossed in front of his chest.Ric broke away from Kathleen then, who was sobbing, as his final boarding call was announced, and with a wave, he turned and strode through the gate. As soon as his father was out of sight, Eric spun around and buried his face against my chest and finally let the tears he'd been holding back flow, as I held him in my arms and stroked his back, and murmured that it would be OK.After a while Eric pulled away from me, and looked up at me and asked, "You're not gonna go into the army and go away too are you?""No!" I said, smiling sadly at him. "I'm gonna stay right here!""Good!" he said, sniffling. Then he hugged me firmly again, hanging onto me, as if if he let go I'd walk away from him too. Feeling his pain, all I could do was hold onto him, and bend my head down and kiss the top of his head. * * *With Ric gone, I began to visit Kathleen and Eric more often than I used to. A couple, maybe three times a week, Kathleen would call me at work and invite me over for supper. I usually would go, and while I was there, first I would move anything heavy that needed moving, fix anything that broke, mow the lawn, and do anything Ric would normally have done. Then, after dinner, I'd spend the evening with Eric, either helping him with his homework, or playing soccer or basket ball with him, or just hanging out and talking or gaming with him. We'd always been close. In fact, I was his Godfather, and that had always made our relationship seem even closer than just uncle to nephew. But, as the days, weeks, and months went by, I could feel our relationship changing. I could tell that we were becoming closer, and that our feelings for each other were deepening! Eventually, it was obvious that although Eric had a dad, whom he loved very much, he'd become completely dependant upon me to be the man in his life! I liked that felt, and I could tell Eric really did too. * * miss preteen nudist *Ric ended up being stationed in Iraq longer than he thought he would be. In the end, he was to be there for almost 3 years! tgp pics preteen He managed a couple trips home whenever he got enough leave, but those visits were short, and few and far between. While they were good for he and Kathleen, I noticed that he and Eric had lost their closeness. They still loved each other, but, they didn't seem able to communicate with one another any longer, and Eric was no longer interested in spending time with Ric. More than once, I saw a profound sadness in Ric's eyes when I visited them while he was home, and Eric's eyes lit up and he greeted me with a sustained, unabashed hug, suddenly becoming much more animated and talkative than he'd be a few minutes earlier, as he told me all about things he hadn't talked to Ric about, that were going on in his life.During one visit, when Ric had been gone for almost 2 years already, as he was getting ready to leave for the airport to re-deploy, he pulled me aside and asked in an undertone, "Have you carried on the 'Family Tradition' yet with Eric?"I was somewhat taken aback. Ric's request before he originally went to Iraq had remained in the back of my mind, but I wasn't sure if it was really the thing to do with Eric or not. Of course, I did remember how awesome my experience with Ric had been, but... I remembered too the let-down afterward, when Ric had abruptly cut off our intimacy again. And I wasn't at all sure of what Eric's sexual desires and interests were either."I thought preteen video gallery you didn't want to know about it?" I said, recalling Ric's request that we not talk about it afterward."I just wondered if it had happened yet, that's all," he said."No," I said."Well, I think he's ready!" Ric preteen tits pics said. "He's grown a lot since I last saw him, and I saw him getting out of the shower yesterday - he's mature enough now!""I'll know when and if it's the right time," I said, looking at Ric a little critically."'If'?" Ric asked, surprised."I'm not going to do anything to hurt him, nor ruin our relationship!" I said. "If he gives any indication of sexual curiosity, I'll see if it seems like a good idea. Up til this point, he's only asked me about the basics, and he was too young at the time!"Ric looked at me with an annoyed expression on his face."It's a 'Family Tradition'!" he said. "It's been good for all of us! It'll be good for him too! And I know you'll handle it in such a way that it's a great experience for both of you!""OK!" I cried. "Just stop pushing!"Ric would've continued the conversation, but thankfully Kathleen walked into the room, looking curiously back and forth between thongs preteen us. She'd heard my outburst and wondered what was wrong. As it was time for Ric to leave then, I lied and said I was just pissed off that he had to leave so soon, which seemed to molify her."It's Time!" Ric said then, looking pointedly at me. Kathleen still thought he was talking about his departure. I understood him clearly though. * * *Over the years, with Ric gone, I'd begun spending more and more time with Eric, which both he and Kathleen appreciated. Shortly after Ric left, I began having Eric spend the night with me on either Friday or Saturday night, and it had pretty much become a habit that Eric would spend one night each weekend with me, and I'd drop him off at home late the next day. When he slept over, since I only had a one bedroom apartment, he would sleep in my bed with me. He particularly enjoyed doing this, as it was like a slumber party to him.Over the next few weeks, I watched and studied my nephew a little more closely, especially when he was at my apartment. He certainly had grown a bit. He was still short though, and very boyish looking. I knew though, like Ric did, that he'd passed through puberty, and was fully sexually developed, as I too had often seen Eric, who was then 13, naked. I wondered though just how curious he was about sex.As I watched Eric more closely, I started to notice that he was apparently more sexually aware than I'd realized. He laughed appropriately at risque' humor on TV. A couple times when I walked into the room, when he was on my computer, he instantly logged off the page he was on. A later check of the history showed that he was looking at sites with sexual information on them, or at Myspace sites with sexual content on them. I also noticed that he was watching people - both girls and guys, and even myself, more closely. And of course, often, I began to notice a lump in his crotch, which he usually was trying to surreptitiously adjust, so that it wasn't so prominent.Finally, one evening, while I was cooking supper, I needed something from my room. As I was about to walk in the door, I saw Eric's reflection in the mirror on the dresser. He was laying on my bed with his pants open, and his shirt pulled up He was masturbating, as he looked through a Penthouse magazine I thought I'd hidden a little better under lsm preteen model the bed. Luckily he was too engrossed in what he was doing to notice my reflection in the mirror as well. I was so suprised that he would do such a thing without at least closing the door, although I guess he thought I was cooking, that I stood gawking at his reflection in the mirror, as he continued beating off. He must've been at it for a while, as he suddenly flopped back into the pillow, and stared up at the ceiling, as his hand began flying even faster, and his other hand reached to cup his testicles. As I watched, Eric's breathing became labored, and his face turned darker, as his hips began to twitch. Suddenly, he gasped and a string of semen shot from his penis, and flew in an arc through the air, landing in a streak across his belly. He continued pumping his dick, and a second later, he gasped again, as another stream of cum shot from his cock. I watched a few more seconds, as Eric continued masturbating, and spasming a few more times, before finally, stopping and relaxing. As a smile little preteens lesbians spread over his face, he gently kneaded his genitals, until a moment later, his body trembled and he shook his head in a swift involuntary movement of passion, as a bit more semen oozed from his piss slit. Finally he dropped his scrotum, and merely laid there, holding his withering penis in his hand, as he smiled happily up at the ceiling, enjoying the afterglow of his experience. Softly, I back-tracked so he wouldn't see me, or the huge lump I'd developed in my crotch.Apparently Ric had been right that Eric was indeed in need of some sexual education! I wasn't exactly sure though, just how to broach the subject, nor, just how far I really should go with our 'Family Tradition' with Eric. The last thing c